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Hollywood is buzzing with the news that Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis are expecting a baby girl later this year! The former That ‘70s Show costars are the perfect pair, if you ask us, and are quickly on their way to becoming the coolest parents around. Taking inspiration from their carefree characters Michael Kelso and Jackie Burkhart from That ‘70s Show, we pulled together a 70s mod inspired room for their precious tot!

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Fit for a future Hollywood starlet, this room screams “I’m ready for my close-up!” With bold color combinations (not a stitch of soft pastel in sight!), furniture with clean modern lines, and statement-making lighting, this little girl is sure to be the grooviest in tinsel town.

Love the look, but expecting a boy instead and need to ditch the pink? Our fantastic Tommy Side Table comes in 11 different color options- fit for the little prince in your life.

We can’t wait to meet the apple of Ashton & Mila’s eye later this year!


PoshTots has great news to share; we’re joining forces with industry icon Bambi Baby! While our companies have very different histories, are based in different states, and even appeal to different markets, we share a vision of providing unparalleled customer service and an innovative on-line experience.

posh bambi

Bambi Baby’s CEO, Enelio Ortega, created a smart and steady approach to ensuring success competing with larger companies. He reaches his customers through a smart on-line strategy and then provides only the best customer experience. ”What has made Bambi Baby successful and made us stand out is that we are extremely service oriented,” said Ortega. “We’ve always had the philosophy of going above and beyond.”

enelio andrea

“It’s time to take both of these iconic brands to the next level and we will do just that with the merger!” Andrea Edmunds, the CEO and co-founder of PoshTots stated, “While Bambi Baby focuses on a somewhat different market than PoshTots, the companies’ philosophies are in complete alignment. I am confident Enelio’s clear vision for this exciting partnership will lead us to new heights. We will accommodate moms in all market segments and I look forward to getting back to what I do best – be the voice for all of the Posh Brands.”

We hope you are as excited as we are! The merger means that you can expect bigger and better things from us. Don’t worry though, your favorite consultants are still just a phone call, email or web chat away {newly added}!


According to research, certain colors help you get a better night’s sleep! Blue, yellow and green are all colors that can help you avoid counting sheep every night. Of course, you won’t be seeing much color with your eyes closed, but it’s about what you see before you close your eyes. These relaxing colors help you wind down before going off to la-la land.

blue sleep colors from poshtots

Blue is the color of water and the sky. Therefore, it is often associated with a feeling of calmness. The color has also been linked to reduced heart-rate and blood pressure.

yellow sleep colors from poshtots

Yellow may seem a bit surprising as a color for a good night sleep. Warm yellow, however, relaxes the body by stimulating the nervous system.

green sleep colors from poshtots

Green is an excellent choice for a bedroom as well. The color enhances a soothing feeling. Research also found that people with green rooms are more likely to wake up feeling “upbeat”.

Have one of these colors inspired a sleep-friendly design? We can help create that serene space to help your kids sleep through the night!


Over the past fifteen years PoshTots’ designers have learned a few things about babies, kids and their special spaces. Here’s what our nursery experts have to say on the ever-important topic of comfy, cozy nursery gliders.

What you need to know before purchasing a glider:

While preparing for the arrival of your little one, things can get hectic when it comes to picking out nursery décor, such as what colors to choose or what kind of crib will be suitable for the baby. The most important thing is to ensure that the baby will be comfortable and safe in his or her new space.

A nursery glider is an important piece of furniture that will bring comfort to you and your baby, especially during those late night feedings. Unlike the traditional rocking chair that moves on an arc, a glider is designed to slide in a forward and backward motion. The repetitive back and forth movement is very soothing for the baby and you as well.

When choosing a glider, it is vital that you select the best one for your specific needs; just any chair will not do. There are a few things to consider: the quality, model and features, fabric, and the overall longevity of the glider. Before you begin your search, make a list of must-have features and use that list when you are comparing gliders. Here’s a great video of first time parents picking out their nursery glider.


Most gliders have a wooden frame and you should be sure the frame of your glider is sturdy and will last. Kiln-dried hardwood is one of the sturdiest wood types and is a great material for gliders. Also be sure that the glider is functioning properly. If it feels unstable, it is not a good choice for you or your baby. If you’re not able to test-sit in a glider, but sure to call an expert – someone who has been selling gliders for many years so that they can answer all of your questions.

Model and Features

Gliders come in many different styles and choosing the right one can be a bit overwhelming. You can stick to a more traditional style glider without cushions or you can opt for a contemporary style. The cushions should comfortably support your back, arms and bottom with springs, dense foam or down-filled cushions. Some contemporary style gliders have removable cushions that are easy to clean. Choose a glider that is wide enough for you and your baby to sit comfortably with room to move around.

regal loose cushion glider from poshtots

In addition to different models, the functionality varies as well. If you are more comfortable in a reclined position then it is a good idea to get a reclining glider. Other gliders also have a swivel function and many come with a matching gliding or stationary ottoman. For the safety of toddlers in the house, it is a good idea to purchase a glider with a lock function or optional stationary legs to use after the baby outgrows the need for the glider. This will prevent the gliding mechanism from pinching any fingers.


Let’s face it, no baby is clean 100 percent of the time, so it is essential to pick the right fabric that is baby-mess proof and easy to clean. Leather gliders are a good choice but can be on the expensive side. Microfiber fabrics are easier to clean. The fabric should also feel soft against your skin as well as the baby’s skin. This will help the baby to rest easily and maybe even allow you to catch a cat nap. When ordering online, you can request samples of the fabric and other designs to get a feel for what you want.

fabric swatches for poshtots gliders


Buying a glider can put a small dent in your wallet depending on the features that you prefer. If you are not planning on using it for nursing in the future, you should choose the look of your glider based on how it will fit in another room of the house such as a bedroom or family room. A glider that can go beyond the baby’s nursery is money well spent.

manhattan glider from poshtots

Remember, depending on what features you choose for your glider, it may take a while to get to you. If you are expecting, you should allow enough time for the glider to be built and delivered to you before the baby arrives. Chances are you will want the glider to be somewhat customized in order to meet all of your needs. Unfortunately, that means you should start the design process early.

Buying a glider should not just be a decision on a whim. It should be the perfect glider fit for you and your little one. If you feel relaxed in your glider, the baby will be able to sense that and feel relaxed as well. So get ready to glide off into a dreamland, just you and baby.

Shop all Posh gliders here. If you need more assistance with swatches, styles, size, or anything else, just give our design consultants a call: 1-866-767-4868